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 sturgeon  is a portal where fishing is a family adventure.  We would like to make certain that the next generation of anglers will grow up practicing real fishing by real lakes, rivers and oceans and not by Wii games only. Our YouTube videos provide useful tips, entertainment, and a chance to share our passion for fishing. Please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to see more videos.
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Your host is Peter; he is the owner and co-developer of  We have proof that the big ones are not always getting away. Freshwater and Ocean Fishing tips, fishing stories without tall tales, videos from our fishing trips, and even safety advice for your next angling adventure. We are working on our new portal seven days a week at to provide you with the best service possible. Our goal is to preserve the water and the land for future generations; while practicing the oldest sport on the globe.
Fishing is a sport. If you have any doubts, please watch our videos and hear the screeming reels, watch the rods bend!
Sore muscles, aching biceps, dislocated knee are just a few of the pleasures we had to endure to bring you proof that catching big fish takes practice and preparation. The sport of fishing is not as popular as it used to be, thanks to online gaming, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Instead blaming these devices and the kids using them, let's utilize the internet to make fishing popular again. Fishonline is making every effort to ensure that fishing is real, not just online.
Enjoy our updated and secure website and let everyone know, fishonline rocks!!! Please let us know in The YouTube comment section if you would like more infrmation about vacationing in the Bahamas.


Help to Clean-Up our Oceans!

While we are enjoying our fishing trips; we are also keeping our eyes open and observe the rivers, lakes and oceans around us. For our family, fishing is not just about pulling out a slivery creature from the water. It is about preserving our waters and clean up the mess other people left behind. Our partner, is a portal, where artists, designers, political leaders and, and environmentally conscientious individuals work together to find practical solutions for environmental challenges. We are creating posters and other digital media to focus on the importance of preserving the remaining pristine environments. We are sick and tired of oil spills in the oceans, pollution in the rivers and lakes and will do our share to improve environmental conditions. All it takes is to put rubber gloves on and pick up some of the garbage that is around your favorite fishing hole. Imagine if every fisher person would do that...
The other major challenge that we would like to study is the devastation that invasive species can cause and its implications on the native species. An example is the Asian carp invasion in the United States. I was happy to see organizations that try to catch as many carp as they can and use them for pet-food or even make fertilizer from them, as opposed to poisoning the water. We are gathering some interesting and useful information about these challenges to provide you with more than just fishing tips and tricks.  We are also dedicated to create a specialized training program, designed for everyone that loves fishing.

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Useful Fishing Tips

Tapping the bottom Spend time to investigate the environment; I often throw in a line with only a sinker on it to feel the bottom of the river, or lake. When you bounce your weight at the bottom you will feel if it is muddy, rocky, or hard clay, maybe you will find a submerged tree with your hook-less rig and decide to move to another fishing spot.

This method is acting as an underwater camera and a terrain map, without sonar or any expensive equipment. You might loose a few sinkers, but it's better than loosing a trophy fish.
If you want to catch big fish, be quiet 
The best fishing tip I can give you when you fish in fresh water is that you have to keep in mind that fish has an extra sense that can pick up vibrations in the water. Any movement in the water or even sound-waves entering the water from shore will cause sound vibrations that fish can feel with their special organs. This set of organs is called the lateral line and fish use it to detect and escape predators; on the other hand, predator fish use it to sense baitfish and other animals they feed on. Fish can hear and feel their surroundings with this organ and when you approach your favorite fishing hole you have to keep in mind that if you're not careful they will hear you and swim away even before your first cast. In quiet waters, fish can easily be spooked; however, near waterfalls or the crashing waves of bigger lakes or the ocean you don't have to be that careful.
Do not be lazy; fishing is a sport, modify and vary your rigs and your presentation. Try different setups lines hooks and rigs. I love to fly fish not just for trout but for perch and I can't wait to catch up carp on a fly. I even caught a small frog when I pulled out my fly from the water, he just could not resist. If you have an extreme fishing experience please visit our Youtube Channel and leave a comment about your story. We are panning to publish some of the best stories on this website and also list some inspiring social media pages.

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