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Plan your own survivor trip to a lake, river, or the ocean and bring some fruits and vegetables. If you want protein also, you have to catch fish, clean it and cook it, before you share the meal with your crew.
Fishing is one of the few sports that can reconnect us with nature, make us forget about our mobile phone and just relax by the water. You can experience fishing as a form of meditation, it works just like that.

Fishing Tips

Use what you find in your environment
I always have a small shovel with me, just in case we have to dig for worms.
Spend enough time
Survivormen Les Stroud gave my sons Peter and Thomas a fishing tip that we have should have known... Are you interested to know what it is? The details are coming up soon.
Is fishing a workout?
We have been training for fishing for years. When you land a big fish you don't want to loose it, because you are out of shape. The proof is revealed soon...